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strategic priorities upto 2026 are


People supported last year


Accommodation and shelter projects


Marginalised People supported daily

Our Mission

Environmental Sustainability

Recognizing the importance of a healthy planet, we initiate projects that focus on environmental conservation, renewable energy, and eco-friendly practices. Our goal is to contribute to a sustainable future for generations to come.

Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in collaboration, transparency, and community participation. We work closely with local stakeholders, government bodies, and other NGOs to maximize the impact of our projects. By fostering partnerships and leveraging collective strengths, we believe in creating a more significant and lasting effect on the communities we serve.

Get Involved

We invite individuals, businesses, and organizations to join us on our mission. Whether through volunteering, donations, or partnerships, your support can help us make a difference. Together, we can build a world where compassion and action create positive change.


We believe in the power of education to break the cycle of poverty. Our education programs are designed to provide quality learning opportunities, scholarship support, and vocational training to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed for a brighter future.

Community Development:

We actively engage with communities to understand their unique needs and challenges. Through sustainable development projects, we work collaboratively to enhance livelihoods, promote gender equality, and build resilient communities.


Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right. Raise Sewa Sansthan is committed to improving healthcare infrastructure, providing medical assistance to those in need, and promoting preventive healthcare measures to enhance overall well-being.

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